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OUR Home user offering

Are spam and adware slowing down your PC, or has it been infected by a virus? Well you can relax while one of our expert technicians comes to your aid. We will run scans and diagnostics to optimize your PCs' performance.

What can we do? We will:

Remove viruses, spyware and adware. Perform hardware diagnostics. Remove temporary files, cookies, and other unnecessary files, including unused software. Update your operating system software, firmware bios, security, and other software. Advise you on your system, configuration, and maintenance.

* Computer repair
* Optimization
* Software installation
* Computer virus removal
* Printer, wireless and other peripherals support
* Setup new devices
* Data recovery
* Wireless Networking

New Configuration
We will help you setup and configure your wireless router as well as secure your network connection, we will also help you share your files and print wirelessly, help you connect up to three devices wirelessly (i.e. PCs, printers or game consoles) to the network. Determine the files and data you want backed up from your system OR transferred to your new computer. We will help you back up your personal data to a self provided storage device (i.e. external hard drive, CD, DVD, etc.) OR transfer it to your new computer. We can also assist you in recovering accidentally deleted files from your computer.

Existing Configuration
We will troubleshoot software OR internet OR computer accessories issues (i.e. digital camera, MP3 player, printer, scanner, fax, no sound on computer etc., tablet or cell phone wireless connectivity issues, Help with wireless network troubleshooting and connectivity issues, Ensure you are connected to the Internet via existing ISP, Ensure all of your computers are connected to the wireless network and you are able to share files and printers, Verify the network and connected components function properly. We will help with email issues, sending or receiving, and help with setting up a back up solution that works for you.