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OUR business offering

Small and medium sized businesses depend on AGI Consultants to design, install, maintain and improve their computer networks. We find technology solutions to help businesses achieve their goals often in ways that the business never considered. Our IT services include proactive maintenance, anti-virus, backup, spyware, remote access and firewall solutions. Our engineers are Microsoft Certified and provide fast, emergency computer network service to businesses with 1 to 50 computers.

We partner closely with our clients and work to become an extension of your organization. AGI's IT Support answers both the business and technology needs of your organization, allowing you to leverage the right technologies while you stabilize and grow your business. Our expertise as an IT Support company, along with years of experience working in different business verticals, has established AGI Consulting Corp. as a leader in the IT Support field. We supply the highest quality core technology services and have a proven track record of delivering superior IT Support Solutions to our clients, allowing them to excel past their competition. Whether you want to outsource all of your network support or simply require second-line IT support for existing staff, we can provide the specialized skills and experience to help you what ever the size of your company, and most importantly fixing the problem quickly. We will exceed your expectations and keep your mission critical IT systems available. We are specialists who can install, modify, diagnose, clean, and repair computer network hardware and software both remotely and on site

Your business is at risk....
Spyware, adware, viruses, and trojans are gobbling up time, money and resources as companies try to combat the threats. They have become the biggest single distraction - and an expensive one at that - for IT management. And cleaning an operating system that has been infected by malware is no longer as simple as it used to be. We offer network support for all of your business users across a variety of work environments, from professional offices to small businesses of all sizes. We will maintain your network hardware and software, diagnose and fix problems, and monitor the network to ensure its availability to your system users.

Network installation
A typical network installation involves hardware and software. All of which can result in disruption or downtime for your core applications. We can help you assess the potential disruption and we can be flexible in our approach. For a fixed fee, we can work evenings or weekends, relieving the pressure from your prime time operations. We examine your business needs, your infrastructure and the risks, and then come up with the most appropriate mix of solutions. And if you adopt one of our on-going support packages, we can help you keep your systems clean, including remote support assistance. As much as possible, we pre-configure equipment and pre-test it in our workshop environment.

Once on-site, we un-box, set up and then commission your new installation. But it doesn't stop there. We can dispose of packaging, leave your working area clean and tidy and, should you need it, dispose of old IT equipment for you.

Disaster Recovery
We offer a proactive approach to disaster recovery. You can't always prevent disasters, but you can certainly plan for contingencies, that's our approach. Contingency planning can include:
* Automated regular backup
* Server Replication/Failover - real-time data replication on site, off site or managed at our site
* A very cost effective subscription service that replicates changed data across a broadband tunnel, stored remotely
* Preventing IT disasters from becoming business disasters.

Through our partnership with Microsoft we can help you grow your business without depleting your operating capital, We can help you acquire the best IT solution possible with flexible payment options. Thus conserving your cash or existing credit lines for other priorities. Microsoft's Total Solution Financing provides payment options for complete software, services, and hardware solutions—including non-Microsoft products with flexible payment terms.